Eau de Parfum


Perfume Belgrade is nothing but my personal vision and expression of emotion towards the city I spent time in when I was a little girl.  The creation process itself took a long time, because I wanted to create a perfume that would to be uniquely unisex, a perfume that leaves an impression on the wearer, something like “my personal scent”. I wanted everyone to feel special when wearing it and to bring a nice memory to everyone, to allow everyone to experience the emotions of Belgrade in their own way.


INSPIRATION: The fresh spring wind opens the big heart of the perfume, like the heart of a city that offers pure emotions mixed with memories spiced with bittersweet aromas that pay tribute to the city with a thousand faces.

MAIN NOTE: Freshness of lime wrapped in jasmine buds on cedar wood and sandalwood sweetened with vanilla.

CREATIVE APPROACH: The perfume is unisex, slightly woody, freshly spiced in a seductive bouquet of jasmine.

50 ml