What are niche perfumes?

The origin of the “niche” term originates from the French language and means a hidden space or cabin. When it comes to perfumes, “niche” mainly refers to independent, small perfume houses in which perfumers make formulas and perfumes by hand in their own artistic freedom. The word “niche” is used today for everything that is not a designer, that is, it originally means something different from what you can find in department stores, as opposed to industrial perfumes. “Niche” perfumes are mostly made of the highest quality ingredients, so their price is much higher. Perfumers, who make “niche” perfumes, find inspiration for a new fragrant component mainly in the world around them; they bring their experiences and emotions into perfume formulas, thus creating very unique compositions. These perfumes are not intended for a large market, but for a small number of people, who love exclusivity and uniqueness.